Press Release

on the occasion of the Sixty-Fifth Anniversary

of the End of the Second World War in Europe


Today Ukraine together with all participants of anti-Hitler coalition is marking a great day in its history, a day of victory and triumph of justice. We celebrate our joint victory in the Second World War in Europe. At the same time, it is also the day of sorrow when the worlds grieving about millions of lives lost in the terrible battles, occupied territories, concentration camps and annihilated by Hitlers inhuman policy. We pay tribute to all victims of war and everyone who fought for the liberation of homeland, European continent and the entire world from inhuman tyranny.

Ukraine paid too high a price for the victory, having lost more than 10 million its best sons and daughters. Seven million Ukrainians were killed at the front and when fighting as members of underground units and resistance movements. Over two million Ukrainians were enslaved in Nazi concentration camps. Hundreds of thousands perished in prisons. The general population of Ukraine had declined by 25 per cent.

Our country suffered severe devastation, with hundreds and thousands of towns and villages being reduced to ashes.

Ukrainian nation was among other nations that not only had sustained many losses during World War II but also bent every effort to the world from Nazism. There were over 7 million Ukrainians in the Soviet Army at War with aggressors. More than two thousand of nationals were decorated with Soviet Union Hero honours. Twenty nine of them were honoured two times. Document

We remember all those who stood in the way of the Nazism. We are proud of the determination and unity of those who opposed evil and violence.

Today, less than one third of those who took part in the war remain among us. We will never forget their heroic exploits. Our great duty is to do our best to ensure that Ukrainian veterans who fought for freedom and independence of our homeland feel the care and support of the Ukrainian State.

Marking the 65th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe, we are resolved to prevent the recurrence of such catastrophes. We shall draw wisdom from those lessons of the past to guide us in the future.