President Viktor Yanukovych Introduced

Minister for Foreign Affairs

Kostyantyn Gryshchenko


11 March 2010


Today President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych introduced his new foreign policy chief Mr. Kostyantyn Gryshchenko to the top personnel of the Foreign Ministry.


In his introductory remarks the President stated that the newly appointed Foreign Minister is well aware of rapid transformations in the global political environment, which require adequate response to the new challenges and threats, including those in the wake of the financial crisis. “We live through the times of changes. Ukraine occupies its relevant place on the world map, and we will work to improve that,” - the President said. He believes the priority of the Foreign Ministry is a revival of certain economic positions, where Ukraine is missing opportunities. An economic aspect of the foreign policy has to be enhanced, i.a. through rationally involving the potential of Ukraine’s trade missions abroad and their integral activity within embassies and the Foreign Ministry. Viktor Yanukovych pledged support of his new government to this decision, since the intensified trade and economic relations will provide more investments to Ukraine.


The President is also convinced that the work of existing bilateral inter-governmental commissions must be revised and the tasks that are not fulfilled must be subject to further proposals. “These issues have to be solved thoroughly and promptly” - the Head of State underlined – “Political games in inter-governmental relations are unacceptable. We must perform our tasks in response to our national interests.”


He went further emphasizing that protection of Ukraine’s national interests and pragmatic foreign policy that would serve the state are to be the cornerstone of the Foreign Ministry’s work. Thereby, a triangle of the Russian Federation, European Union and USA will always remain under the main focus.


Besides, Viktor Yanukovych pointed out that an established cooperation between all branches of power should become a top task, success of which will also contribute to the efficient work of the Foreign Ministry.


In his remarks to the Ukrainian diplomats, the President also touched upon issues of the energy security, where he noted that this issue remains rather acute and uncertain. The Head of State stressed on an intention to approach this issue with regard to Ukraine’s national interests and to gradually achieve diversification of energy supplies.


Viktor Yanukovych wished all success in the future work to new Minister Gryshchenko as well as he expressed gratitude to the outgoing Minister Poroshenko for his significant contribution into the development of Ukraine’s diplomatic service and the realization of its foreign policy priorities during uneasy times that the country had faced during his tenure at the Ministry.



Kostyantyn Gryshchenko thanked Viktor Yanukovych for the trust and support, while noting that the MFA’s objective is a strict implementation of priorities defined by the President of Ukraine.


In his address to the Ministry’s top personnel, Mr. Gryshchenko assured to provide appropriate conditions to facilitate efficient work of the Ukrainian diplomats at the central office and in missions abroad. He also added that the MFA’s work should be designed in a way to target concrete results, which requires the diplomats to express personal initiative, diligence and to maintain discipline. “We must expand our work towards achieving tangible results,” - underscored Minister Gryshchenko.