About project «Cancer Can Be Cured. Timely Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment»

About The Project

The project Cancer Can Be Cured. Timely Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment was initiated by the President of Foundation for Development of Ukraine on 10 July 2008. As its part the Foundation will buy equipment for cancer treatment that is unmatched in Ukraine and finance an overhaul at Donetsk Tumour Centre.

This is the first and unrivalled for Ukraine project to support the state system of providing help to cancer patients. The project is the biggest investment of UAH 315m into the State Cancer Service of Ukraine.

The goal is to introduce the global standards in cancer diagnostics and treatment in Ukraine.

Areas covered by the project::

A new modern Cancer Centre will be established in Donetsk oblast. It will apply the best global practices for cancer treatment and diagnostics, eg PET screening. The Centre will accumulate the best treatment and diagnostic potential of the country.

In Kiev, the Foundation seeks to improve diagnostics and treatment facilities of the main research and therapeutic establishment of the country by setting a modern radiology centre in Kiev National Institute of Cancer.

The FDU intends to provide quality medical care for cancer patients in eight oblasts of the Western Ukraine. For this purpose, the Foundation will strengthen diagnostics and treatment facilities of dedicated dispensaries.

Project Implementation:

Purchasing Equipment For Donetsk Regional In-Patient Medical Association (DOKTMO).

In 2008, the Foundation for Development of Ukraine (FDU) handed over the first equipment to DOKTMO under the program Cancer Can Be Cured. Timely Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment.

The Foundation bought and transferred over to DOKTMO the newest lab equipment including: an immunochemiluminometric analyzer Immulite 1000, an automated biochemistry analyser Olympus AU-640 and the set for PCR Rotor-Dzhin-6000 at the total amount of over UAH 1m. Applying these high technologies will significantly improve cancer diagnostics and reduce the analysis period.

The Immulite 1000 has a wide application range. Apart from tests with all existing cancer markers it can also be applied in diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, anaemia, diabetes, etc. The capacity of the unit is designed for 120 analyses per hour. The analysis system is fully automated which excludes the human factor and enhances accuracy of measurements. The unit is integrated with a quality control software and enables to set up a database by patients.

Olympus AU-640 is applied for a wide range of biochemical and immunology analyses. Its capacity makes 800 analyses per hour.

The equipment set for PCR – real-time analyses – with Rotor-Dzhin-6000 amplifier will be applied to study diverse viruses including those associated with cancer pathology. The unit allows for a multiplex analysis, i.e. up to four infections can be analyzed simultaneously.

The FDU has launched and is successfully operating the first in Donetsk oblast 64-slice computer tomography scanner.

Also, the design of a new diagnostic PET centre in Donetsk oblast, which is among the first ones in Ukraine, is underway.

FDU President Rinat Akhmetov meets employees of Donetsk Regional Tumour Centre (DRTC)

President of Foundation for Development of Ukraine Rinat Akhmetov visited Donetsk Tumour Centre, 19 August, 2008, When meeting DRTC staff, Mr Akhmetov informed them about the decision to boost funding by UAH 115m for re-equipment and renovation of the Centre. The total budget provided by the Foundation to fight cancer in Donbass region now amounts to UAH 215m with UAH 165m to be allocated on renovation of Donetsk Tumour Centre and UAH 50m on creation of a solid diagnostics Centre on the basis of DOKTMO, Donetsk Regional In-Patient Medical Association.

The Foundation is overhauling the Tumour Centre and equipping it with the latest diagnostics and treatment facilities under the program Cancer Can Be Cured. Timely Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment. Within its framework the Foundation has announced the intention to buy a positron emission tomography scanner (PET/CT) as well as a lab for production of radiology pharmaceuticals, a gamma camera, and other specialized facilities to reinforce the radiology service of the Centre. The Foundation has donated UAH 100m to this goal. Later, the FDU's president decided to overhaul the Tumour Centre and spend another UAH 115m for that. This also includes improving diagnostics and treatment in five town cancer dispensaries in Donetsk Region and four cancer departments in the town and district hospitals. Thus, the whole system of battling oncology diseases in Donetsk Region will match the modern global standards.

Under the project to restructure and develop DRTC, the Foundation intends to overhaul the Centre rooms, lines of communications and roads, develop the land, reequip the out-patient hospital, improve living conditions for patients, buy medical vehicles, organize meals for patients, ensure good working conditions for medical staff etc. Re-equipping of 11 operation rooms at the Tumour Centre is of special attention and UAH 75m are to be provided to meet the objective.

Participants of the project:

Project initiator:

• Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine


Project partners:

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