by H.E. Mr. Viktor Yanukovych, President of Ukraine

at the OSCE Summit

(1 December 2010, Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan)



Mr. Chairman,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, I would like to express my appreciation to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, His Excellency Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev, for the warm hospitality. I would also like to wish all of us fruitful and result-oriented work.

Eleven years have passed since the last summit of the OSCE. It seems like an entire epoch in a dynamic globalized world.

Since then Europe and the world have seen tectonic changes and events, which have changed forever the face of our continent.

Bloc confrontation is becoming a thing of the past. Common efforts, mutual trust, consolidation and solidarity have come to the front of our agenda.

New threats and challenges to our common security have emerged. Acute manifestations of international terrorism continue to pose an increasingly serious threat to everyone.

At the time when Europe needs more and not less security, compromises and agreements are not always easily reached.

Qualitative renewal of existing international security mechanisms is getting ever more crucial. Therefore today’s Summit is, undoubtedly, a particular event.

Our goal today is to provide a strong political impetus to the efforts to achieve a new quality of the OSCE activities.

We have to send a message to our peoples that fundamental European values of freedom, democracy and human rights represent a firm and unbreakable base for our cooperation.

We need to reconfirm our determination and solidarity in the face of current and new threats and challenges to our common security.

Ukraine views the OSCE as a unique platform for dialogue on the creation of a common space of equal and indivisible security. The space where conflicts are resolved only by peaceful means and on the basis of international law.

The space where non-bloc states and countries, which voluntarily renounced their nuclear arsenals, are provided with reliable security guarantees.

As it has been recently decided Ukraine will chair the OSCE in the year 2013. The trust that the OSCE participating States have put in our candidacy is an important incentive for self-improvement, for continuation systemic reforms and development of the prosperous democratic society.

I am convinced that Ukraine is able to unite and be a uniting force in the OSCE. Our non-bloc status enables us to act as an “honest broker”. We will spare no effort to strengthen effectiveness of the Organization in the interests of all its participants.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Unresolved conflicts remain the most serious challenge that faces our Organization and constitute the biggest threat to regional security and stability. We call for search of mutually acceptable solutions to existing conflicts in the OSCE area, based on the norms and principles of international law, in particular, on respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of States.

Ukraine supports enhancement and more efficient use of OSCE mechanisms in early warning and conflict prevention.

European area requires effective international control over implementation of already existing agreements in the field of security. We need clear arrangements on how to ensure trust and confidence, first and foremost, on confidence-building measures among all states in Europe, irrespectively of their participation in defence alliances. The existing conventional arms control regime requires modernization.

Ukraine supports strengthening the OSCE’s role in reviewing and addressing transnational challenges and threats, in particular, connected to international terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, organized crime, human and drug trafficking as well as cybercrime.

Under the global financial crisis the OSCE can offer useful opportunities for maintaining political dialogue among states in order to provide a timely and adequate response to economic challenges.

Environmental security as an important prerequisite for sustainable development should be dealt with as a priority issue.

Genuine energy security and stability should be based on common interest of all participants of the energy chain.

Ukraine has consistently supported and will continue to assist in defining the OSCE’s role and place in this dialogue.

Ukraine sees no alternative to democratic development, and remains fully committed to democratic principles.

We call for Organization to become a community, where the highest  standards of respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms, rule of law, support for democratic institutions, strengthening civil society are met. Security of an individual is a precondition of a successful state.

We are strongly convinced that the OSCE needs to have strong institutions in order to effectively fulfill its functions.

Therefore Ukraine supports the transformation of the OSCE into a full-fledged international organization. This will strengthen the legal framework of its activities and will open new ways for achieving set goals.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our today’s meeting gives us a real chance to renew the process of building our “common European home”, the foundation of which was laid down in 1975 in Helsinki. In order to achieve this we need political will and a clear plan.

Our today’s meeting serves as evidence that political will can be mobilized. I hope that this spirit will be duly reflected in a forward-looking action plan for our future common work.


I thank you.