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Ukrainian Language

Documents drawn up in the USA in the English language may be accepted in Ukraine with the provision of a certified translation of such a document into the Ukrainian language. The translation should be validated by written approval in the appropriate Ukrainian Embassy or Consulates or in the offices of the government notary in the territory of Ukraine.

Preparation of translation

If a translation into the other language is done at the same time as a notarial action (certification of a transaction, certification of the faithfulness of a copy of a document, etc.), the text of the translation is placed on the same sheet as the original: on one page, divided by a vertical line so that the original text is placed on the left side and the translation on the right.

The translation must be made from the full text of the document to be translated and must be completed by signatures.

In all other cases, the translation, placed on a sheet (sheets) separate from the original, is attached to the original document (sewn), authenticated by the signature of the consul and the official stamp of the consular office.

When signing the translation, the translator indicates his authority and certifies that he is competent in the English and Ukrainian languages. The validating endorsement is placed under the texts of the document and its translation.

Certification of translation

In accordance with Art. 38 of the Fundamental Laws of Ukraine on the Body of Notaries, the consul completes a protocol of certification of faithfulness of a translation of a document from one language into another if the consul is fluent in the relevant language. This is done in case the translation has been carefully checked by consul against the original.

Note: The Consulate General of Ukraine in New York doesn't provide translation services from one language to another.

Forms of Certification of Faithfulness of the translators signature

The consul certifies the authenticity of the translators signature on a translation if the translation of a document has been done by a translator, known to the consul, who holds the appropriate certification (certificate, diploma, accreditation) and who has certified the translation with his validating endorsement (affidavit).

Fees and processing time

$ 40 for certification of a document translated from one language to another.

The Consulate accepts processing fees only in the form of money
orders made out to the order of the Consulate General of Ukraine
in New York. Cash, credit cards, personal or company checks are not accepted.

The processing time for certification of a document translated is ten business days.

1) The certification processing starts only after we have registered your documents.
2) A drop-off day is not counted as a business day.
3) If you apply by mail please allow one more day processing time.
4) Any application received on Wednesdays, weekends, official Ukrainian and US holidays will be registered by the Consulate only on the next business day.

Note: There is no expedited service!

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