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Q: How early before a departure day can documents be submitted for consideration?

A: A regular visa issuance process is ten business days (starting from the date your documents have been registered by the Consulate), and we advise you to have your visa in hand before purchasing airline tickets.

Q: Can you fax us Visa application forms?

A: No, we cannot. Under the our regulation, only an individual traveler to Ukraine, either appearing at our Visa Office in person or requesting the form by mail, may receive an application form. If ordering such a form by mail, a return __self-addressed prepaid express envelope is required.

Q: I have the following questions on filling out a Visa application:

i) What is meant by #7 - personal number?

A: It can be either a Social Security or an ID number.

ii) What is meant by #9 - passport details?

A: Please, open your passport and find all information you need on its first page (the passport type - on the left upper corner, usually).

iii) I need to know how to fill in the "Arrivals/Departures" lines on the form? Should I include a specific date, or is the month I plan to arrive and depart sufficient?

A: You should include an exact date of you arrival/ departure.

Q: What do you mean by single and double entry? Also if we go to Russia during our stay in Ukraine do we need a double entry? Will this visa cover such a visit?

A: - a single entry visa - this type of visa will cover only one visit (one entry and one exit);
- a double entry visa - this type of visa will cover two visits (two entries and two exits), and if you are planning to go to another country and return back to Ukraine you should apply for a double entry visa.

Q: We will be traveling to Ukraine to perform humanitarian work. Does Consulate have any provision for issuing visas for humanitarian purposes free of charge?

A: A such type of visa (?) is issued only on the basis of a letter of support from the Committee on Humanitarian Aid of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and it's free of charge.

Q: Are we supposed to provide Consulate with the copies of air tickets?

A: The copies of tickets (for airplane, train or ship - from the point of entry into Ukraine to the point of entry into the next country from Ukraine) are required only if you apply for a transit visa.

Q: My wife is a citizen of Ukraine. Can she make invitation for me if she currently is in the USA? Do you have a special invitation form to fill out inside the USA?

A: No invitation letters are necessary for US, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Turkey, Slovakia citizens and citizens of the countries of the European Union for obtaining official, business, private, cultural and sporting visas

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